About Function In Form

It’s amazing what you look for when you’re finding all the time

The Mekons 1977

About Function In Form

After several years of searching, finding and collecting examples of modernist furniture, 1960 & 70s lighting, quality home audio and all manner of interesting items from New Zealand and abroad.

Our storage locations could take No More!

In 2020 we decided the time had come to start the process of sorting our items. This process took the entire of 2020. In 2021 restoring began, using our collective skills of cabinet making, upholstery, and electronics to prepare items.

We have an ever-changing product range of high-quality items we are truly proud of & we’re always adding more…


To salvage the best of the 1950-1980s era. Carefully prepare items to ensure they are fit for purpose in the current day


We believe that household & personal items should enhance our lives and homes in quality, function & form


Quality Original Items
Quality Repairs & Restorations
Quality Customer Service

We are absolutely committed to sustainable business.

Although new items may often seem cheap, we believe many are subsidised by our beautiful planet, and its inhabitants.

We are proud to provide a circular economy retail option to the NZ consumer.

Discovering & retaining great quality original design favourites from the 1950-1980s era.

Carefully prepare items to ensure they are fit for purpose in the current day.

Our wish is, that our customers feel proud of their purchase & decision.

We look forward to your custom and ensure you that we will in every case strive to meet your requirements and more.