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Creek 4040 Integrated Amplifier

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Creek 4040 Integrated Amplifier

Creek 4040 series 3 integrated amplifier.
Fantastic amplifier – hugely respected in audio circles. I can’t rate these high enough – they are a gem.

Austere in appearance. Small in size. But it’s got everything to offer!

Made in England 1991

SKU: 000975


Awesome condition – the power on/off button has been replaced – it is not the original type but works perfectly & will continue to do so. The actual power switch mechanism is original.
Checked over & tested – all working as it should – beautifully.

Originally these came with horrid plastic vinyl covering – we couldn’t bear that on such an excellent amp. So we have removed that 1990s craziness & refinished the amp in real wood veneer (walnut). Not something we would do normally – we are not believers in putting veneer where it wasn’t originally – but hey, this is a Mike Creek amp – some respect, please.

Mike Creeks first design – the CAS4040 series 1 took the audio world by storm. Who is this upstart thought the established manufacturers. Well, we now know – he’s one of the finest audio engineers ever to come from the UK. (I’m a fan – does it show…)
The 4040 series 3 is that amp, it’s just a little later than the original series 1 model.
With function, features & sound similar to a A&R Cambridge A60 but physically shrunk. The 4040 is a tiny amp. Perfect for a bookshelf system or even an office set up.

This is the second CAS4040 to come from FiF in as many years & we are very proud to provide fantastic design & quality audio equipment such as this.

Power Output: 30 watts at 8 Ω; 40 watts at 4 Ω
Distortion: T.H.D. at rated output (1khz, 8 Ω) less than 0.1%
Noise Referenced to Rated Output at 1 kHz (weighted)
Disc: -76 dB
Tuner/CD/ tape: -85 dB
Separation: Disc/Tuner/ CD/ Tape (1 kHz) = 50 dB
Tone Controls: range at 20 Hz and 20 kHz ±10 dB
Inputs Sensitivity: Disc: 2 mV. Tuner/Tape : 250 mV. CD: 600 mv. Disc Loading: 47 k Ω 60 pF
Dimensions: 42cm wide / 6.5cm tall / 22cm deep
Weight: 4 kg

Independently ‘Tested & Tagged’ for electrical safety.

FiF Rating

‘Excellent Condition’ Top Condition. Fully functioning, without faults.

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Med I 5kg. Boxed–L35cm/W26cm/D20cm<5KG. Tracked post

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