Mid Century Furniture


Mid Century Chairs


Mid Century Chairs

Yes – We have some more mid-century chairs coming up!

Several currently in our Auckland workshop. Truck loads more in storage. We are also adding more all the time.

Backhouse, Fler, Cintique, Don Furniture, Morgan, & Parker Knowles & more

All our chairs are restored by 54 FiveSix furniture & FiFs in-house upholsterer.

See our ‘Workshop Stock’ category of items queued for restoration to see what’s coming up!


Get in touch with FiF to order and determine finish & fabric etc.

Other chairs currently in storage – Fler, Don Furniture (lots), Cintique of London, Morgan Furniture, Danske Mobler.

And many, many more

Coming Soon!

Item queued for restoration. Contact FiF to express interest & determine finish, upholstery etc.