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Rega Planar 3 Turntable


Rega Planar 3 Turntable

Rega Planar 3 – say no more……

A turntable built with sound reproduction purity in mind, just happened to turn out, quite beautiful as well.

Fabulous quality turntable in beautiful condition – lid, base, feet, hinges, tonearm, cartridge, operation – everything is just perfect.

Superbly reliable machine – built like a tank!

Made in England – Circa 1985

SKU: 000419


Fitted with Rega Bias MM cartridge & Stylus, new genuine Rega belt, & checked for bearing wear at North Shore HiFi (2015 approx. 50hrs use since)
Tested & Tagged for electrical safety

NB. These are beautiful, but very ‘manual’ turntables. It pays to know a couple of Rega ‘quirks’ before buying one. These are:
1. You are required to manually swap the belt drive to change between speeds 33 & 45rpm speeds. This involves removing the glass platter & flicking the belt drive directly.

2. When the end of the record is reached – the tonearm will not automatically lift, nor will the turntable stop spinning. So it just keeps playing. It relies on the operator to stop the record playing.

The reason behind manual operation lies in sonics. The less contacts, gears, and connection hanging off the tonearm – the less disturbance there is to the minute signal being delivered from the stylus. This concept is one that actually works. Also one reason why the Rega Planar is so reliable.

Rega – a UK company that played a great part in bringing true HiFi to the middle market throughout the eighties.
These guys did, & still do make superb products.

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‘Excellent Original Condition’- Top condition. Reserved for those rare finds

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Med II ‘Sq’. Boxed- L40cm/W40cm/D40cm >15KG. Tracked post

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