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Royal System Shelving - By Danske Mobler

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Royal System Shelving – By Danske Mobler

Awesome hanging shelving system – produced under license by Danske Mobler

Royal Series – very nice….

Includes all brass hanging hardware.

Made in New Zealand – Circa 1965

SKU: 000030

This original ‘Royal Series’ hanging shelving system is 100% intact has passed pre-restoration checks & is currently in our Auckland workshop.

2x uprights @ 2140mm long 50mm wide
2x uprights @ 1525mm long 50mm wide
2x units – 910mm wide – 420mm high – 360mm deep. One unit has divsions – like a record cabinet – the other has some shelves & cubicles in it.
4x shelves – 910mm wide – 225 deep
1x shelf 910mm wide – 360mm deep

Scheduled work:

Renew finish.

Due – TBC

Coming Soon!

Item queued for restoration. Contact FiF to express interest & determine finish, upholstery etc.