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Turntable Isolation Base


Turntable Isolation Base

$245 Incl GST

FiFs own design turntable isolation base. Created by 54 FiveSix Furniture.
Using a combination of cross grained hardwoods, cork, felt, & springs. These bases eliminate vibration being passed to your turntable stylus.

Minute vibrations transferred to your stylus cause your HiFi to attempt reproduction of subsonic sound. This wreaks havoc with music reproduction & degrades your listening pleasure. Not to mention being very hard on your speakers.
Tested & proven to eliminate vibration via wooden floors, framing etc – even concrete floors can sometimes be just as bad.
Made in Aotearoa – New Zealand

Created using FSC (genuine FSC) hardwoods & cork.
Standard size is 44cm Wide / 40.5cm Deep
Stands 60-65mm high (depends on weight of TT)
Best when used with fixed chassis* turntables up to 13KG – *Fixed chassis – turntable does not have its own spring mounted steel chassis – most models 1980 on do not.

If you require different dimensions – contact FiF – we can create these to your requirement. Can be used for any equipment that suffers from induced vibration.

How can you tell if you’re getting subsonic noise? Often, you’ll hear a hum to the bass notes – this is due to the woofers trying to reproduce both the bass beat & the subsonic noise.
A way to check is to pop a record on – turn up your music quite loud – remove the covers from your speakers – if you see the bass driver moving in & out, not in time with bass beats – That’s a sign there is a vibration issue. If you see the bass driver move in exact time with the beats & the sound is sharp & clear – you’re probably OK.

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Med III. Boxed L50cm/W50cm/D50cm >25KG Tracker Courier

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