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Wharfedale Force 2180 Speakers

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Wharfedale Force 2180 Speakers

Original 1980s Wharfedale Force 2180

Very nice sounding speakers – they want a bit of room to move, but give great detail. Off-Axis technology – allows flexible speaker placement and large area sound dispersal.

Made in England – Circa 1980

SKU: 000474


Good condition – all original Wharfedale drivers. Matched factory pair.

NB. there is a small ‘bang’ in the side of one of these cabinets – see last pic.

There is a small hole in the upward mesh – also visible on pics


The 2180 loudspeaker – manufactured by the Wharfedale Corporation, as part of their 2000 series range.

The concept of the design was to have non-obtrusive speakers that could be installed almost anywhere and even hidden, however provide detailed sound reproduction, even in large spaces.

In order to achieve this type of design, Wharfedale had to be very innovative. By cleverly exploiting the phenomenon ‘Baker Effect’, the 2180 produces an off-axis response in the mid/high frequencies. The result is a much wider sound stage and stereo image. The more stereo image – the larger area covered.

As the speaker configuration is ‘Landscape’ – they are ideal for raised locations – stands, bookshelf, wall mount etc.


Frequency response 40 Hz to 22 kHz

Sensitivity 90 dB

Power handling capability 100-watts


46.5cm H / 27.5cm W / 20cm D

6.5kg – each unit

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