FiF Speaker Rebuilds

“The perfect solution”

FiF retro fitted HiFi loud speakers

A common condition stickler with vintage speakers sets is the cabinetry.

As essential as speaker/driver unit & crossover design is for sound reproduction so is cabinet condition. A speaker set cannot sound good if the enclosure will not allow it.

Some aged cabinets have gone beyond recovery, some were terrible at the time of manufacture. Often sets of acoustic greats from the 80s – 2000s suffer the latter with cheap materials & poor build quality.

Many of the 1960 & 1970 speaker sets have beautiful cabinetry, well built, using good materials. However they often sound like @&$*. Many are generic ‘off the shelf’ combos of cheap mass-produced units never ‘designed’ to work together.

The perfect solution – restore the great cabinets & fit the great speaker sets – Right!

Not so fast – – strict rules apply to speaker design. Driver types, baffle types, distances, volumes, crossover design etc, etc. It’s a complex art.

Our solution is to use complete sets from high end manufactures, drivers, crossovers, everything from the original set is rehoused within a matching volume enclosure – often the cabinetry is of heavier construction, but that’s only an advantage. In the same manner taken with our classic speaker restores, we restore & refinish the cabinets woodwork.

  • If a bass port existed on the original design these are replicated on rebuilds.
  • Only high-quality & complimenting speaker drivers & components are used.
  • Foam speaker surrounds are replaced – to ensure years of performance.
  • Crossover electrolytic capacitors are replaced to ensure correct operation and reliability.
  • Cabinets are braced where required. Sound wadding is used to dampen cabinet resonance.
  • Quality speaker terminals are used.

In some instances, we do experiment….

Using different driver types & combinations – sticking within the original specs & decibel rating. Sometimes we ‘tweak’ crossover ‘L-pad’ values to adjust for efficiency mismatches etc. Sometimes we add attenuators when divers ‘work well’ together across a range of efficiency matches. Attenuators allow ‘fine tuning’ of high & mid-range frequencies to ‘tune’ sound reproduction to your equipment, listening room & personal preference.

The results are always the same – an aesthetically & audibly pleasing set of music speakers.

A set we have taken much care to ensure a good result with. A set that will provide listening pleasure for years to come, and at the end of the day – having beautiful vintage speaker sets that sound fantastic is just the thing really.

We stand behind all our products & take particular pride in our speaker sets. We use quality original products that are well built & well within their lifespan. Sets that are capable of delivering superb performance for many generations. Not only do we extensively test & evaluate our builds, we guarantee your satisfaction. See ‘Additional Info’ tab for warranty details.

If you have any questions or enquiries regarding FiF speaker rebuilds & redesigns

please contact or call us on 09 553 7097 / 021 233 7329