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Dual 701 Turntable

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Dual 701 Turntable

$900 Incl GST

Yes, that’s right – It’s a perfect condition Dual 701!
From the FiF private collection, we bring you the quietest turntable ever made.
Independently lab verified – 1978. There would of course be quieter ones made since.

Beautiful turntable. Rock solid, just fantastic. Fitted with the absolutely superb gold-plated Empire 2000 eIII cartridge & Empire made stylus.
I really don’t want to sell this – please don’t buy this turntable 🙂

Made in Germany – 1976

Top condition – really lovely. Very well cared for. Fully serviced. Come & take a look & listen.
Hardly used – that’s why we’ve listed it – we have too many TTs in the private collection & the wheels of commerce must keep moving 🙂

User guide provided on soft copy.
Independently Tested & Tagged for electrical safety.

NB. You’ll need a strong shelf – it’s about 11KG!

Huge amount of praise to be seen on the Internet, but here’s the run down….

Very innovative tech used in this TT – Electronic ‘feedback’ controlled motor that actually rotates at either 33.3 or 45 RPM – no requirement for ‘step down’ gears, belts, idler etc. This removes wow & flutter (noise). The motor is so resonance free it can be directly mounted to the TT chassis without isolation, further eliminating noise etc.
Stroboscopic pitch control – looking glass provides view of strobe disk.
Internally grounded – no need to loop to amps ground & zero chance of ground loop hum.

Empire 2000 cart & stylus in as new condition – From FiFs ‘New, old stock’ secrete stash.
Not that we’ve added the full cost of this cart in this configuration to the TT, but this would set you back a tidy sum if purchasing separately. Fortunately you can easily source replacement stylus for these – Approx $50 USD for a genuine replacement, or approx $100 NZD for a locally sourced copy.

The beauty & reputation of this TT is well put in this Internet article – https://insheepsclothinghifi.com/dual-701-yamaha-yp-701/. BTW – if you like the look of the Yamaha 75 (detailed in this article as the Yamaha 701), we have one of those coming up soon.
Or – for several reviews by knowledgeable people – check out – https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_reviews.php?make=Dual&model=701

Turntable Specifications:
Platter: non-magnetic, dynamically balanced, detachable 2.9kg
Platter speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm, electronically adjustable
Pitch control: 10% separate for both speeds, each adjusted by means of variable resistor, with calibration scale
Speed control with illuminated stroboscope
Wow and flutter: < 0.03%
Rumble: < 50dB unweighted
Tonearm: Torsionally rigid, tubular tonearm in low-friction four-point gimbal suspension, tonearm counterbalance with two mechanical anti-resonance filters

Cartridge Specifications:
Type: Moving Magnet
Frequency Response: 5-50,000 Hz
Channel separation: >35db
Tracking force: .25 – 1.25 gram
Stylus tip: Nude diamond

FiF Rating

‘Excellent Condition’ Top Condition. Fully functioning, without faults.

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Fragile Item- we will contact you to discuss & quote the best freight options. Freight billed separately

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