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Wharfedale Dovedale Speakers

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Wharfedale Dovedale Speakers

Awesome reproduction from these large floor standing speakers.
Featuring a very successful combination – Philips AD12100 bass & Philips AD5060 midrange drivers. Topped off with a set of Richard Allan dome tweeters (DT-20).
Fabulous sound – rich bass & very warm soundstage. A full sound that is hard to ignore.
Excellent condition with teak cabinets restored by 54 FiveSix Furniture.

Cabinets – Made in England – Circa 1971, Speakers & components – Made in Holland – Circa 1980

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NB. These are not original Dovedale drivers as they were too far gone unfortunately. We have used a ‘Kit’ from the late 70s in these cabinets. Philips AD12100 bass, Philips AD5060 mids, Richard Allan DT-20 dome tweeters, Reuben James crossovers specifically designed for use with these driver units.
All work well & sounding great in Wharfedale Dovedale cabinetry which are the perfect volume enclosure.

Crossover capacitors replaced – all tested and working fabulously. A great set of speakers.
Attenuators allow ‘tuning’ of midrange & high frequencies to suit your equipment, room, personal preference.

Type – 3-way sealed enclosure.
Power Rating – 80-watt. You’ll need a hefty amp to run these guys – Recommended amplifier 50 – 70 watts. Great for large rooms.
Impedance – 8 ohm
Dimensions – 81.5cm tall / 35cm wide / 31cm deep. Extremely heavy.

FiF Rating

‘Good Vintage Condition’ Original piece in great, fully functional condition. Without faults

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